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Volunteer with Us

As a small grassroots non-profit, we heavily rely on the help of volunteers and donations from the community. We are grateful for all the volunteers and donations that help us continue to serve the community. If you are going to volunteer please fill out an application!

Read below the different ways you can help us. 


Make Burritos

At our Tai Chi Program, we give out burritos to all of the participants. Each week we use about 100 burritos. All of the burritos are made by the helping hands of volunteers. If you as an individual, or a group; would like to get involved in helping us feed our participants, send us an email and fill out a volunteer application.


Provide your services

If you have a service that you feel could help our organization such as photography, graphic design, marketing, grant writing, journalism, or research skills. You can send us an email about you and your service in addition to filling out the volunteer application, and we see what we can do to work together. 


Help us with Research

We are currently working on a study for the participants of our tai chi program. We are gathering data on the demographic of our participants and a little bit of information on how the program helps them through a short survey. After the survey data, we can continue to conduct a study on the cognitive effects of tai chi on the participants. Also, the effects tai chi has on the memory, physical balance, and overall well-being of participants. This is mostly being done by SLCC service-based learning students and professors. If you want to get involved in our research, send an email to our research coordinator, fill out the volunteer application, and we can figure out where you can help.     


Volunteer at Tai Chi

Volunteering at our Tai Chi program could be just coming to participate in the tai chi on Saturdays when it is open to the public. Volunteering at the Tai Chi program could also be, coming on the other days and helping us pass out burritos, take attendance, or deliver supplies to the locations. You can volunteer to prep the coffee, burritos, and ice water before tai chi. To do this, send us an email about what you would like to do to volunteer at tai chi and fill out a volunteer application.


Donate supplies

Our organization needs supplies to make burritos, coffee, and give out needed items to participants. Items you can donate include: 

-paper coffee cups in bulk

-Instant coffee in bulk

-10 pound ice bags

-tortillas in bulk for burritos

-salsa in bulk for burritos

-cheese in bulk for burritos

-eggs in bulk for burritos

-outdoor shelter supplies for participants (tents, outdoor shower, water dispensers, etc.) 

-hygiene products (masks, gloves, soap, etc.)

To donate any of these items, send us an email. We will let you know what items need to be donated at that time. 

Ways to Volunteer
Volunteer Application Form

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